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Turning good ideas into great products

We bring elegance and beauty together with speed and performance to craft high quality products, innovations and user experiences. From eyewear and projectors to supercars and high performance boats, our rich diversity in work has prepared us to take on any challenge – from sketch to final product.


We believe good product design is the result of a successful process – that is why we have meticulously developed ours over the span of 35 years, always learning and growing from our experiences. Our process demands continuous adherence and trust with great communication between interdisciplinary team members, all in pursuit for perfection.


Lean product development with design for manufacturing is a cornerstone in our design philosophy and a crucial process for making better products at a lower cost.

Eva – Smart Home Made Simple

For Datek, it was important to design a smart home that would be accessible- and appeal to everyone, not just…

Wilfa makes you a probaker

Making an impact in the jungle of kitchen aid machines require something out of the ordinary. We wanted to let…

Developing Søve Educational Playground and Equipment

Designing an educational playground and equipment based on a thorough user study. Project for Søve with Matematikkbølgen.

Improving autonomy through better robot vision

Providing external design, internal optimal working conditions and a robust construction and cooling funcion for the new Zivid Two 3D…

Designing Brand Identity for EpiGuard

Developing a strong brand identity, graphic design, tone of voice and website for EpiGuard and EpiShuttle.

Meeting new consumer demands with re-design of Topro rollators

Meeting nye consumer demands by re-designing end engineering Topro Troja and Olympos rollators rollators.

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Our logo is crafted to represent our process, a quality stamp that will constantly remind us of always moving forward; Passion Powers Progress.

a passionate work environment

Our crew consist of over 30 highly engaged and motivated individuals, in a young, creative, high paced working environment. We give great minds the opportunity to innovate, challenge preconceived concepts, and continue to grow and learn .

If you have our kind of passion, we want to hear from you.



Alle som ville fikk komme på den aller første workshopen hos Eker Werks på Skøyen, som denne gangen omhandlet patenter. På talerstolen stod representanter fra Patentstyret, FONIP og Eker Design.

Eker Express åpner for start-ups

Eker Express åpner nå for start-ups i 2022

Building a brand for the future

After a period of strategic work and development, we are now very happy to finally be able to show more of our new and updated visual identity which includes a new logo, colors, typography, image…

Safeback hitting the slopes winter 2023-24

We are pleased to see that the products we are helping to develop get the spotlight after a period of development. Safeback gives the public a glimpse of the new avalanche safety equipment Safeback SBX.

Eker werks – in the heart of skøyen, oslo

Eker Group is expanding! One of our latest additions is a new office, housed in the heart of the unique Thune area at Skøyen in Oslo.

High-speed vessel for future transport

Eker Design is participating in the competition to design a high-speed vessel for future transport.

Industry incubator focused on design-driven value creation

Eker Express is an industry-program where Eker Design together with Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling supports design-driven value creation for both small and large businesses in industry.

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