Wilfa Makes you a ProBaker 

Based on professional knowledge

Making an impact in the jungle of kitchen aid machines requires something out of the ordinary. We wanted to let the design be based on deep professional knowledge about the art of baking, with the goal to improve and make baking easier for everyone with a professional result.

To achieve our goal, Wilfa and Eker Design teamed up with the Federation of Norwegian Bakers and Confectioners and some handpicked enthusiastic non-professional bakers. This team followed the insight process where Eker Design facilitated the meetings and workshops.

Insight and defining the scope

To get knowledge about existing products in the market we invited professional and non-professional users. We arranged a user workshop where we analyzed and tested the best products in the market.  During this process, we identified important functionality that provides efficiency and higher control and quality of the bakery. We also found several areas that would make the baking process be more streamlined and user-friendly.


Prototypes of the future ProBaker made people talk

Great design sketches have their place in the design process. But when we really want to understand the user needs, our experience shows that physical prototypes are superior. A physical prototype allows communication to run more freely, and latent needs tend to be more available. By use of our in-house model workshop, we were able to make several different design models and functional prototypes that were refined through several iterations.

To have an efficient baking process, gluten control, and to create a high-quality dough we found that simultaneously rotation of bowl and tools, precise speed control, and a certain set of tools were important.

For user-friendliness, we discovered that easy access to a large bowl, overload protection, and easy cleaning were important aspects. We also discovered that the following was important to achieve the best user experience:

  • Unique design
  • Stable construction
  • Low vibration
  • Low noise
  • Easy access to intuitive functions

Industrial design and Mechanical Engineering

In parallel to the user workshops, we started the design and engineering of the products. As a supplement to the physical prototypes, we worked with design sketches and design models. All with the aim to find the design that both meet the requirements from the Wilfa brand guide and a unique and appealing design. As the need for functional prototypes occurred early in the insight phase, we also started the 3D modeling and engineering at this time.


Tooling and production

Heading into the tooling phase we worked closely with Wilfa and their partners to qualify and define tolerances, machining requirements, injection point positions, ejector positions, and surface texture. For the production, we supported Wilfa with technical documentation to make sure the finished product will achieve the defined quality by Wilfa.


Wilfa ProBaker – Makes professional baking available for you

Wilfa ProBaker is developed and designed in Norway in cooperation with the Federation of Norwegian Bakers and Confectioners. ProBaker has a dual action kneading system, precise speed control, overload protection system and stable construction with low gravity and low vibrations. Its generous 7 liter bowl provide capacity for all your baking needs and it is delivered with spiral hook, flex beater and dual whisk.

ProBaker is now launched to the market and available online and in stores. If you want to order your own ProBaker, please visit wilfa.com

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Photo : Wilfa / Eker Design

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