Impulse Power Zero Emission Boating Experience

Impulse Power is a Norwegian-owned company established in 2017 and is now relevant with their first product series of electric outboard motors.

Based on experience

After several years of experience with sailing, the impulse power entrepreneurs were tired of ignition issues, handling heavy outboard gasoline engines, and the smell of fuel. They searched for alternatives and tested existing products only to find that there were no alternatives that met all their requirements. Instead, they found the foundation for a new business.

Product and Design Partnership

In their search for a product, the dialog with Golden Motor in China was initiated. The core business of Golden Motor is electric motors, and on their products list was an electric outboard motor. Market research, benchmarking and internal testing revealed that their motor was a good foundation for further development. Eker Design was then engaged to design and develop the first series of electric motors and energy systems for Impulse Power.

Tough Nordic environment requires Nordic Design

In 2017 Impulse Power tested the Golden Motor through tough user tests in the Nordic seawater. With the test report and the test sample, Eker Design did a teardown on the complete motor. We analyzed all mechanical details of the engine down to sealings, bearings, galvanic corrosion issues, connections, fasteners, IP grading, and material selections. For the internal electronics, we reviewed the wiring system with wire size, wire guiding, use of fuses, and safety. For the overall design, we evaluated the construction in the form of:

  • Strength
  • Part connections
  • Material use and thickness
  • Cost save improvements

All findings were documented in a report and presented to Impulse Power and Golden Motor for evaluation and further improvement.

Designing from inside to out

In parallel to the tear-down process of the motor, we started designing the main cabinet and throttle arm. The main disadvantages were identified to be the ergonomics and the overall aesthetics. The result is a modern electric outboard motor with an industry-first central positioned throttle arm. To achieve a compact design for transportation, storage, and carry situations, the throttle arm is cleverly integrated into the main housing and rotatable 180degrees. The mechanical connection between the throttle arm and the main body was improved and the working environment for electronics was improved to extend the lifespan of the electronics.


Lightweight, compact, low maintenance and zero emission

The new series from Impulse Power offers three different motors in the power range from 4 to 10 horsepower. Based on styling sketches from Eker Design, the Impulse team developed a 3kwh energy system. The battery cells are cleverly installed in an extruded aluminum casing with an integrated thermal management system and BMS. The system has an IP67 grade for marine use and has an automotive IP69 grade connector for high current and ease of use. The energy system weighs only 20kg and can be parallel connected in a multi-battery set up with a max of 16 modules / 48 kwh.  A standard overnight charger is included and a high-power 1-hour charger will be launched later.

Zero sound and carbon emission take boating to the next level of relaxation, and you closer to the nature.

Impulse Power 4 / 6 / 10 are now available online and in stores. If you want to experience the future of boating, please visit


Video: Impulse Power
Photo: Eker Design

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