Buddy Mobility PR-1

The future of postal services are autonomous

Buddy Mobility PR-1 is an autonomous vehicle providing sustainable, reliable, and flexible transportation services in urban areas.

The PR-1 is designed to work in parallel with existing postal services and will reduce operational costs to offset revenue losses from dramatically decreasing mail volumes. At the same time, it offers new revenue streams around package and parcel delivery. Norwegian Postal office sees great potential in this project and is now working with Buddy mobility with the development and testing of PR-1.

As a Buddy Mobility partner, Eker Design was engaged to improve and refine the mechanical design and the visual product communication. The parcel storage system was further developed and refined. Weight was reduced by material/ design optimization and the layout of the propulsion system was optimized for improved road capabilities. In addition to these improvements, we also did a concept design study for the next generation of the PR-1.

PR-1 will be in your neighborhood in the near future!

Photo: Buddy Mobility
Concept sketches: Eker Design

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