HavExpo 2024

In may we attended HavExpo, the Bergen-based aquaculture fair, together with our customer EasyX – the future of fish tank cleaning.

Their innovative product is a remote-controlled robotic cleaning machine, specifically designed for large tanks on land-based fish farms and smolt producing facilities. The xAQ-1 eliminates the need for manual cleaning, ensuring a consistently clean and healthy environment for fish.

We were proud to support EasyX at HavExpo. The event provided a fantastic opportunity to meet inspiring inventors and companies shaping the future of the maritime industry. Bård Eker’s presentation on xAQ-1 offered insights into the development process of the robot’s two prototypes, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries in the maritime sector.

Stay tuned for our upcoming case study on how xAQ-1 will revolutionize fish farming!

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