Developing a carbon rollator for Topro Mobility

The product development process for the Pegasus carbon rollator

The rollator is an aid which can, through its aesthetics, stigmatize the user as weak, sick, tired or old.

The is a growth of elderly people in our society. There is also a growing diversity between this group of people. In addition, we see more young disabled people with the need for assisted walking. Topro wanted to reduce a stigma and offer a new type o rollator reflecting a more modern lifestyle.

User study and design concept

Through an insight process Eker Design gained knowledge about the users and user situations, all to create a foundation for the following phases. Through an iterative concept phase, the different concepts naturally evolved using simple ideation sketches, rendered sketches, functional prototypes and VR models.

Design concepts for Toprp Pegasus

Working closely with end users and Topro, we were able to engage all stakeholders to be behind the decisions that was made.


3D printing and rapid prototyping

With the use of 3D printed parts, DFM and composite prototypes, full-scale product evaluation and ride tests were performed in cooperation with Topro. All done to ensure a robust/high-quality product with a production-friendly design for their production line at Gjøvik, Norway. In parallel to the mechanic concepts and engineering, the team did a manufacturer qualification and selection.

Read more about our rapid prototyping process.

Animation of the new Quick Release system for replacing tyres

An elegant, functional and light weight rollator

The result is Topro Pegasus – A carbon rollator with elegant design, intuitive functions and compact transport size. The nature of the single carbon frame design provides a stiff and robust design with low weight and high stability.

In combination with the partly integrated brake system we were able to create a more seamless and appealing aesthetics. The position of the new smart and functional shopping bag provides the user good overview and the secure reflectors provides increased safety for the user.


In combination with refined and well tested technical solutions, we ensured the Pegasus to have the well-known quality from Topro.

Designing a logo

In addition to product design and engineering, we created the Pegasus logo design and product graphics.


Redefining the rollator category

With the new Topro Pegasus, a new type of rollator is available. Keeping known functions, adding convenience, and easy handling, we hope the final product creates enthusiasm among many different users. This enables a shift in the market from a focus on cost to seeing the modern lifestyle these new specifications offers. A shift that will support our common goal of reducing the stigmatization of people using rollators.

After all we are all living in world of diversity, let us embrace it!


Made in Norway

Topro Industries AS is a Norwegian manufacturer of high-quality mobility aid. The plant is located in the eastern part of the country, a few hours north of Oslo. They produce award-winning rollators and walkers and focus on giving people the ability to move freely.

Photo : Topro/Eker Design
Animation: Eker Design

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