Celebrating Epishuttle #100

This week, EpiShuttle number 100 was completed. An assumable simple task, but given the corona situation, it is more challenging than one would think.

With producers all around the world in lock down and closed country borders, it has been a struggle to get parts for assembly.

E24 “Norske Epiguard møtte stengte dører på italiensk fabrikk – en mail til UD ble redningen”

With a small, but dedicated team from Eker Design and help from Fasvo, we have managed to scale up sourcing, purchasing and production in a matter of days.

EpiShuttle sales in 2019 were 16 units, and until February this year there was still no increase in demand.
Producing 100 units so far this year, in less than 2 months, has been a combination of an impossible and a fantastic task.

” We thank everyone involved. The Eker / EpiGuard collaboration has been close and good, and EpiGuard had not managed to keep this pace if it were not for accommodation and flexibility from Eker Design and their employees. They have made and incredible efforts.”
– Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO EpiGuard.

It has been a strong motivator being able to deliver EpiShuttle units for several countries – helping with transportation of infected patients and fighting the Corona epidemic as best we can. And with the current demand, we aim to keep up the speed.


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