Petter Northug is world-renowned for his explosive and great cross-country skiing. Northug in collaboration with Brand Assist teamed up with Eker Design to design the Northug Multisport Eyewear.  The eyewear should reflect the spirit of Northug – High performance, speed, and all-condition expert.

The objective of the new collection

The intention with the glasses was to reflect the spirit of Northug – High performance, speed, and all-condition expert. At the same time, the glasses should have a Scandinavian expression. For the glasses to work in all conditions and promote multi-sport, it was important for the user to be able to easily change the lens if needed. This is also a feature allowing the eyewear to grow with the user and increase sales of lenses.

Process of developing high performing eyewear

Throughout the design phase, several ideas were presented that challenged traditional solutions and served as catalysts in the process. Through multiple iterations, we managed to come up with an expression that presented Northug, while at the same time having the desired simplicity. We 3D scanned Peter’s head shape, which we used during the sketching, design, and detailing stages. Through market- and ergonomics analysis as well as 3D scanning, we quickly found ergonomics that fit most people.

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The final result – a flexible collection of sports eyewear

Northug multisport eyewear is a product where the user can customize the glasses for their use and personal taste. The project produced 4 lenses with different coating, 7 colors, and two sizes. Arms come in two different lengths. The arms and the nose pad are adjustable for an ergonomic fit. For further personalization of the glasses, it also has removable frames.

Replacement of the glass is done with the unique mechanism called SwiftClick ™. This mechanism solved the challenge of lens exchange in a simple and effective way, while also locking the lenses in use and providing an experience of solidity and safety in the product. The design of the components and the combination of different materials allow Northug with simple grips and financial means to create many different color combinations. The glasses were launched in 3 different versions: Gold, Silver, and Classic.


Effect of SwiftClick solution

One of the objectives of the project was to create a product and function that could promote the sale of extra lenses. This has traditionally been challenging in this category. The “SwiftClick” solution makes this possible.

Glasses are now available for online orders as well as in leading sports stores in Norway.


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