Bård Eker Featured in “Vekst i Fredrikstad”

A new article highlights the value of combining creative design with inhouse production.

How does inhouse production create value, and why does Bård Eker offer pre-production to their customers? A new article from Vekst i Fredrikstad (Growth in Fredrikstad) explores competitive advantages of Eker Design.

Read the full article “Fabrikken som gir superdesigneren et fortrinn” here. 

The article identifies factors that secure client success, including;

  • User centric and creative design
  • Simple and reproducible solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Inhouse pre-production to identify weaknesses before mass production
  • Focus on recycling and waste handling

The article looks closer at how Eker Design has been central in the design, engineering, and production of EpiGuard from start up to scale up.

Read more about developing the EpiShuttle here. 

Photo: Vekst i Fredrikstad

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