Omexom Magnetic Rails

Designed to survive harsh Nordic conditions

Most of the electricity in Norway is transported through long stretches of powerlines over vast mountain passes and great fjords. The power lines are held by massive masts and long line spreads are marked with balloons. For further safety improvement, the aviation Authority introduced new regulations requiring the marking of aviation obstacles. The markings must be visible at a minimum distance of 1500 meters in daylight from all relevant approach angles.

Existing mast marking solutions are either self-adhesive foil or metal reflective plates that require mechanical fastening. It has been proven that the adhesives directly on the masts do not withstand the harsh Nordic weather conditions. Mechanical fastenings require tools and longer installation time.

Based on market analysis and user insights Eker Design and Omexom designed and developed the magnet rail from concept to industrialization. Using plastic housing and magnets for the fastening we developed a safer and installation-friendly solution with a no-tool requirement. Efficient installation does also reduce the risk for installers at high altitudes. By use of 3D printed prototypes, we tested and evaluated different concepts with respect to installation and external stress. To make sure that the product will withstand the harsh Nordic environment, it is tested in a wind tunnel up to 50 meters per second, UV radiation, heat, cold, and humidity. To optimize the installation for all mast types, the magnetic rails are available in four different sizes.

Our cooperation with Eker Design and their expertise and capacity of taking a project from idea to final product has been of very high value for us. By extended prototyping and testing in early stage we are now sure we have a product that deliver what is required.

Per-Arne Hauglund / Omexom

The magnet rail has been a big success for Omexom and over 60 000 rails have already been delivered to web owners.


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