Developing the Brand Identity for EpiGuard

Developing Brand identity, graphic design, tone of voice and website for EpiGuard and EpiShuttle.

EpiGuard is a Norwegian world-leading Med Tech company. They offer Medical isolation and transportation systems. The company holds top-level expertise in product development and manufacturing.

Key personnel with a medical background that ranges from intensive care, infectious diseases, internal medicine, and anesthesiology, to transport medicine are all competencies held in EpiGuard.

Graphic and digital design

The Eker Design graphics team was tasked with developing the graphic design for the new company and its first product. The task includes brand identity and naming of the company and the product and web design. The product developed by was a medical transport incubator, later known as EpiShuttle, and the company was named EpiGuard.

The main challenge in this project was related to the requirements set by the ISO13485 (Medical device standard). The standard regulates the development, production, and revision of all documentation and graphical material related to the product. Strict process control, high documentation requirements, and a well-defined approval process were part of these requirements.

epiguard graphical guidleing and symbols

Through ideation and an iterative creative naming process, we agreed to use an “Epi” prefix to all EpiGuard products. Epi means to encircle something, preferable an object. We found that Epi can be used to create a strong relationship to the parent company. It also ensures an immediate connection to the other products in the portfolio. EpiGuard and EpiShuttle are registered trademarks, and now the word EpiShuttle is a part of the Danish dictionary describing an adult incubator.

As part of the naming process and scope, Eker Design created a set of bylines and slogans. “Saving one – protecting everyone” gave EpiGuard the advantage they needed to make their voices heard in a jungle of medical products in the private and public sectors.

Product development and graphich design – hand in hand

This project progressed in parallel with the product development and prototype of the EpiShuttle – also developed by Eker Design. The graphics team got the benefits of a hands-on approach in teamwork with the product designers and engineers. We integrated information graphics, colors, and typography directly into the product for easy understanding and to enhance the visual experience. The graphic design became a natural part of the product itself. The functionality, like reflective stickers, was early implemented to create higher visibility in the field at night. In addition to overall branding, we created marketing material containing animations and 3D visualizations based on CAD drawings, technical 2D illustrations, image style, and bank.

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designing epiguard illustrations and user-manual

The projects graphic output:

  • Art direction
  • Logos
  • Payoffs
  • Bylines
  • Product Graphics
  • Custom icons
  • User guides
  • Technical illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Technical documentation
  • Animations
  • Infomercials
  • Website
  • Photography / images
  • Renders
  • Video

The visual identity is incorporated into all digital surfaces, documentation, product sheets, and user guides, etc.

EpiShuttle is now the gold standard for medical isolation of contaminated patients of such as Covid-19, Ebola, MERS, and SARS.

Photo: Eker Design
Animation: Eker Design

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