EKKO at NRK Radio: Can health innovations be the new oil?

Tune in and listen to the radio program EKKO at NRK P2  interviewing our CEO and owner Bård Eker.  He is interviewed about the future of health tech innovations and whether this can be the next big thing after the oil .

Together with Katrine Myre in in Norway Healt Tech and Karen Dolva in No Isolation, they reveal ups and downs, how to make good products and the need for good investors and export programs.

Bård Eker thinks that Norway has what is takes to live form health tech innovations in the future. This is based on the possibilities the oil adventure both offshore and onshore has taught us. Now it is time to exploit this knowledge. Our modesty as Norwegians is not necessarily is a disadvantage as it drives us to deliver good design, high quality and well documented products.

Our project EpiShuttle had very good conditions for success. The idea was based on a very concrete need. The team behind it were very cooperative and had clear specifications and requirements. A tight and clear spec makes the designers job easier. Developing health tech products is unique regarding the strict documentation rules. In our experience, this phase takes time times Pi (3,14) to complete. For EpiGuard it took years of investments, hard work and patience before the EpiShuttle now finally saves lives across the world.

According to Bård Eker, there is one critical factor for succeeding abroad. A local success case or reference is always asked for in international sales pitches. He therefor encourage every possible Norwegian customer to buy products made in Norway to give a helping hand on the way to international success.

Listen to EKKO in NRK P2 here > 

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