Teknisk Ukeblad: Buddy and Eker Design build electric bikes in a completely new way!

According to the articles posted in Teknisk Ukeblad, the sales of electric bikes this summer reached a volume of 80.000 –  a rise of 50% vs last year. By October the import was over 170.000 units. The electric bicycles are often used for transportation to and from work, as a substitute for car and has become a part of the green shift. And according to the article, there is also increasing use of ebikes in leisure activity.

As a result of the electric bicycle trend, Buddy Bike decided to develop a new bike with Eker Design as their design partner. You can have a sneak peak of the result in this exciting article;   Buddy og Eker Design bygger elsykkel på en helt ny måte.

The innovative part of this ebike is the focus on a design and construction allowing people using the bike in all seasons. Buddy X1 is designed to handle a Norwegian winter. It will arrive in 2021, and excels, among other things, with internal gears and belt drive. As a result, the bike will provide a minimal need for maintenance as it is less sensitive to road salt. The motor attachment has adapter solutions that allow you to use several motor options in one and the same frame. The frame is strong and timeless, gender-neutral that can be used by both sexes, as well as adaptable to different areas of use.

Jan Petter Skram says that the X1 is the first electric bike in a growing product family. Here we can expect more news in other segments, including transport bikes for families.

For further information and some thoughts about future Buddy Bike products, please read the Teknisk Ukeblad article;  Dette kan vi forvente av kommende elsykkel-modeller

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