New Book about Norwegian Design and Handicraft

Mats Linder released his new book about Norwegian design and handicraft, November 8th this year.  The book “Norsk Design og Kunsthåndverk A til Å” presents the width and the quality of Norwegian design and handicraft from 1880 until today. The authors worked hard on setting the criteria for the content of this book. One important criteria was to show as many expressions as possible over the time span in the book. Another was to include cutting edge companies within the different disciplines.

Bård Eker and his company Eker Design are among the best within industrial design.

-Mats Linder

In this context, our project for Paxster is presented. Paxster is a small electric vehicle that the company Loyds made for the Norwegian Post. Read more about this project here: Loyds : Paxter 

The other projects represented are:

Hydrolift X-26 S

Koeningsegg CCX

Hydrolift P-42 SAR and Patrol

We are honored to be included in this inspiring book. Seeing the collection of artists and companies included in this book, we are humble and proud to represent industrial design.

Read also this very nice review of this book in Finasavisen here:

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