Silver Tiger

Silver Tiger DCz – Powerboat of the year 2020 // Best of Boat 2019

In November 2019 Tiger DCz was awarded with the Best of Boat 2019 award and now, we are super excited to inform you that Brandt and Eker Team has received the prestigious international award Powerboat of the year 2020 at the largest indoor boat fair in the world at Duesseldorf – Boot 2020!!

Powerboat of the year award is known as the most important award of this industry worldwide, with judges from 8 different magazines around Europe with a total number of 1 million readers per month.


The Tiger DCz and BRz is the second model in the Z-series from Silver and is designed by Eker Design. With the Tiger, we wanted to keep the sporty elegance of the Raptor and combine this with some youthful comfort and playfulness. The Tiger is available in two versions – DayCruiser (DCz) and BowRider (BRz) – and is a result of a unique Nordic joint project. Norwegian design, Swedish hydrodynamics, and Finnish manufacturer. Working close with boat users, sales, and technical personnel we were able to get an overview of the user and user situations, resulting in a good foundation for the following design process. Based on the feedback and two prestigious international awards, it seems like Tiger DCz and BRz are creating waves in the market.

The new boat follows an extremely innovative concept, which is excitingly new and different than the competitors in this size. The Silver Tiger with its great Petestep hull brings something really new onto the market: the very best driving characteristics coupled with lower fuel consumption, a chic layout and many smart and exclusive details on deck

Kerstin Zillmer / Float Magazine Germany

The wide area of the foredeck allows safe boarding and during the night the integrated bow light will light up the shore or dock providing a safer deboarding at a rocky shore or a low docking. The headlight is also hidden from the driver’s point of view and therefore does not affect the night vision of the driver. Inside the cockpit there are dark panels below the windscreen on both sides, preventing reflections in the windscreen. In front of the co-drive, a pantry with a gas cooker and sink/tap is available. The co-driver backrest can be moved forward to create a large sofa or a chaise lounge. By lowering the table and use of an additional madras you will have a large sunbed. The canopy is hidden inside in the sofa backrests and is easy to access and set up. The storage of fenders is done in dedicated boxes in aft, 2 on each side, allowing the user quick access and reducing water spill inside the cockpit. The boat is also equipped with unique quick fender fasteners, removing the need of tying knots to keep the fender in place.


The DCz has a cabin door with multipurpose functionality. In addition to access to the cabin, it has wide stairs and rails for safe access to the deck. Inside the cabin, you will find a bed for two adults with a storage room below. In the bow front, you find an innovative and integrated bow ladder, which allow safe boarding/deboarding on the rocky island or a low floating dock. The BRz is equipped with two comfortable seating in front with large storage areas, that are also suitable for longer articles as waterski. The wide entrance is equipped with rails allowing passengers safe boarding and deboarding.

Learn more about the Silver Tiger DCz or BRz here


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