Loop Tackle Tackleboxes

When Loop tackle AB – a high-end fly-fishing brand from Sweden – decided to expand their product range, they chose Eker Design as their product design and development partner. First with the new Q-reel and now we are excited to present a series of Loop tackleboxes.

Designing user-friendly tackle boxes

To make a market impact with a new tackle box, you need good insight. Understanding the behavior of the user, the user situations, the market situation. logistics and economics are crucial. By use of focus groups, user study, interviews, and market research we created several prototypes, all with unique functionality. The prototypes were tested during summer by selected Loop guides and ambassadors. The instant feedback was collected by the use of prepared questionnaires and later interviews. Based on this foundation, the maturity of the product evolved during several design iterations.


By creating unique Loop design cues, the boxes were designed as a product series. Angled grooves providing friction in use, loop for carabiner, and a slit molded high friction material for fly storage. All boxes are waterproof and for some boxes, we added unique features like multifunctional axis/eyelet cleaner and a dry room for wet flies. Another feature we would like to mention is the unique 180degree opening hinge used on the Opti 160 and Opti 270. The design provides an easy opening/close motion and a quick full overview of the content, an important feature in many of the user situations.

From insight/research and concept phase, Eker Design followed the products into engineering and mass production with relevant activities as testing, mold trials, assembly instructions, and general QA/QC. In close cooperation with Loop Tackle, Eker Design created a clean and contemporary packaging design and information cards. The design reflects the Loop Brand ID and displays all boxes in a clean and fresh way.

To learn more about Loop or join a global community of flyfishers – Loop Aktiv, visit www.looptackle.com


Photo: Loop Tackle/Eker Design/Jonas Berg
Render: Eker Design

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