The world’s first autonomous letter and parcel robot is now in testing.

The Norwegian Post (Posten) has a target to drive innovation and use new technology. As early as in 2018, they launched the first test model.  The new robot will in some areas be able to replace the mailbox as we know it today. A recipient is notified of letters and packages on the way. The parcel is loaded and delivered to the consumer. The robot drives itself back to the warehouse in the evening and is filled with tomorrow’s deliveries during the night.

Buddy Mobility is the company who developed and built this vehicle. Eker Design was engaged as industrial designers to improve and refine the mechanical design, engineering and the visual product communication.

Read more about the project here >

As the Norwegian National News (NRK) informed earlier this week, the robot is now tested outside Oslo.

See the NRK news report here (in Norwegian) >

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