Six years with patience before the EpiGuard start-up paid off!

Six years ago, we made the first design sketches. In 2018, EpiGuard sold 12 single-patient isolation and transport systems. Last week we made EpiShuttle #200 in our basement. The learning curve developing products for the health sector was steep but valuable.

For years we have had a strong belief that the world needs a medical isolation and transportation system. In the Corona crisis, we finally see how this product is protecting both infected patients and the environment on a large scale.

Finansavisen; Bård Ekers EpiGuard har solgt coronakuvøser for over 80 millioner og varsler store overskudd og høy vekst. 

EpiGuard was established by physicians from Oslo University Hospital after an Ebola infected patient was transported back to Norway in 2014. The equipment used and what was available at this time was not sufficient meant the medical team. The team then started sketching out their own product, the EpiShuttle. Eker Design was committed to develop the EpiShuttle along with name and brand design.

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Photo: Geir A. Carlsson


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