The making of Hydrolift X-32 – boat news 2021

Hydrolift has a reputation for building extremely rapid and high quality craft. CEO, Bard Eker, is a world renowned powerboat racer and designer, and the recent Hydrolift X-26 has received excellent reviews both in Motorboat and Yachting in February this year, as well as in the Norwegian magazine Vi Menn Båt in June.

It’s clearly a boat that has been designed by boaters, not just stylists.

The X-26S has certainly succeeded, with one of the cleverest cockpit layouts we’ve seen on any boat this size.

-Motorboat and Yachting

The sales of the X-26 have been beyond imagination, and the customers are thrilled. Quickly, a demand for a larger size has emerged. When designing and engineering the new Hydrolift X-32 it should be as much fun to be in when you arrive at the anchorage, as it is getting there. And of course, keeping the much appreciated social zones.


Hydrolift X-32 in the CNC Milling Machine

After the design and engineering of the boat, we enter the tooling phase. The first mold we start to produce is the hull, and for this we are using our inhouse CNC milling machines that can create parts with high finish and high tolerance demands. Here we can directly manufacture plugs and molds for parts in materials such as carbon- and glass- fiber. We have 3 milling machines, and for the Hydrolift X-32 hull mold we use our largest version. This is a 5-axis CNC milling machine, which can do parts in PUR and Al with the sizes 10000 x 4000 x 3000 mm.

We really love working with projects like this this, where we are involved from the insight phase to the final product.  We are dedicated to make the Hydrolift X-32 one of the most exiting boat news for 2021.

See the milling process on our YouTube channel >

Render/photo: Eker Design


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