Viken Fylkeskommune funds our specializing in the MedTech industry.

Innovation provided funds for specializing in the MedTech industry. 

We just received very positive news from Viken Fylkeskommune. Eker Group and Eker Design have been granted 2 million NOK in support to increase our knowledge and development for medical products and health technology.

Based on our experience with developing EpiShuttle, we have gained a thorough understanding for needs, challenges and regulation requirements in the health sector.  We find it very rewarding to work with health and technology, and will focus our efforts even more in this direction.

With the support from Viken Fylkeskommune, we will invest in systems, training, and skills related to the MedTech industry. Our goal is to become a certified partner to new and existing MedTech companies. This has been a long-term plan for us, but the Corona situation made us speed up the process as we see the market need.

We would like to thank Viken Fylkekommune for the financial support, and we really look forward to build our knowledge and competence relatet to MedTech products.

Read the full article (in Norwegian) at Viken Fylkeskommune >

Article (in Norwegian) in our local newspaper Fredrikstad Blad: Vil bli blant de beste i markedet: Eker Design fikk to millioner i støtte til å kurse seg innen utviklingen av medisinsk-teknisk utstyr

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