We are joining the new health thecnology cluster Fredrikstad

Together with promising other MedTech Vendors, we have decided to join the new MedTech Cluster here in Fredrikstad. The combination of startups, scaleups and very experienced companies is exciting, and very much in line with how we organize internally. The mix of new views, technology and education with long experience and good handicraft can create very good synergies. We look forward to working with our fellow members DignioNxtechExACEpiGuardMedthings and Biobe.

Fredrikstad MedTech is a non-profit business cluster working on the behalf of strong and competent MedTech vendors in the southern part of Norway. The work is within all areas of medical device development and with connected services. The main focus is to develop the best and safest solutions together.  Fredrikstad MedTech’s mision is to help develop better healthcare products, drive innovation and cooperation based on our local vendor ecosystem.

Fredrikstad Blad: Nå går disse helsetech-aktørene sammen: – Skal bli det foretrukne miljøet for utvikling av helseteknologi i Norge – og Norden

The EpiGuard project

The largest MedTech project we have engaged in is EpiGuard – where Eker Group is a co-owner. We contributed to start the company from scratch and have gained expertise and insight into the health industry and products that we would like to exploit. Our approach was was to build a simple model, find real challenge and from there meet the functional requirements. We still produce the EpiShuttle at our premises to make sure we only produce what is needed. We see many new companies stumble and fall committing to too high production volumes in the beginning. In our setup the EpiGuard pay only when the product is being produced. This way they managed to grow controlled, gain experience, test the product in the market and work with distribution. When the order flow stabilizes on a higher level, it is time to move to a more permanent production line.

MedTech projects and ambition

We like complex projects where we can use both the our expertise and machinery, and have developed a method for evaluating the complexity of projects. As we are a A to Z company, we offer design, engineering, prototyping, testing, approval and even small-scale productio. We constantly learn new things that we add to the model and use this for our next client. Mixing new technology with expertise, machinery and craftsmanship we try to do things that previously has not been possible.

Other projects we have done for this market are





Our ambition is to further strengthen our position as supplier of development services for MedTech products. Our strength as an A to Z supplier is to work from the inside of the product to the outer design. We like helping Norwegian and Nordic companies make local products creating international value.

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