On June 17th the annual Revolve Race Car was unveiled. The two R21 cars were proudly presented at an event in Trondheim. At the live-streamed event, the 2021 electric Luna and autonomous Atmos were presented, and it looked very promising. 

On this year’s car, Eker Design contributed with the machining of several molds for the aerodynamic package, in addition to post-machining of the two-piece mold for the carbon fiber monocoque. This is not the first time Eker Design sponsored the development of cars. Our CEO Bård Eker has also participated in events, and in 2014 he held a presentation about the design process and philosophy behind our products. He then provided insight into the design and story behind the Koenigsegg Automotive AB supercars.

The NTNU Revolve race car is built from scratch in one year. The student’s target is to participate in the largest international Students Race for engineers, Formula Student. To complete the full product development process in 12 months is a challenge even for experienced industrial designers. We in Eker design appreciate progress and passion and find it motivating to help this enthusiastic and skilled crew at NTNU.

The work of getting the car ready for competition is in high gear with shifts going around the clock. I can easily say that the help we received from you this spring was absolutely crucial to get this year’s car made!

Christian Østby, Chief Mechanical Engineer

For Revolve NTNU, the target is to build a fully capable race car in one year. The car will compete in one of the largest engineering competitions for students in the world, Formula Student. The project is finalized during the summer on competitions in Europe.

According to Teknisk Ukeblad, there are over 1000 registered teams. Right now NTNU is in tenth place in the world rankings, above for example MIT. In 2019, they took first place in Engineering Design, which says something about the caliber of engineering students in Trondheim.

The Formula Student competition

Formula Student is an annual educational engineering competition. The purpose of the competition is for engineering students to design, develop, produce and test a racing car for the non-commercial market. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is organizing the program in cooperation with industrial companies and high-profile engineers. In addition to high speed, there are several other criteria to compete on related to the event.

About Revolve NTNU

Revolve NTNU is a student organization at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 80 students work voluntarily in this team, in parallel to their full-time studies. The students are from all years of their study and from 24 different fields.

Pictures: Revolve NTNU
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