Covid-19 has turned the international bike industry upside down. The enormous demand for electric bikes in 2020 continued in 2021. While public transportation dropped due to the coronavirus, the use of traditional and electric bikes increased.

Buddy X3 Family

Buddy sX1 and the concept version of the X3 Family were presented at the EUROBIKE fair in Germany in collaboration with V Frames and Sachs. Visitors to the fair had the opportunity to test the bikes, and their response was very positive. We are pleased to receive information that the audience highly appreciated our design, as well as the new technology.

Sustainable bike with a recyclable frame

The ambition of Buddy and V Frames is to mass-produce both frames in one seamless piece. V Frames will use the latest injection molding technology, and the composite material will be 100 percent recyclable.

The new frames are introduced for environmental reasons and the material can be used again. These will be the first frames to generate a recycling deposit return to the consumer. When returning their frame, they will receive NOK 1,000 per. frame.

The Buddy X series will be produced in Germany – close to the markets. To control labor costs, the production is fully automated. Buddy aims to make the most sustainable electric bike possible by using local components and high-quality parts.

The bike frame we designed will be licensed to a global market under different brands and with technology adapted to different price ranges. Adapter solutions allow the use of different motor and battery options in the same frame. With a frame production time of 90 seconds, German V frames calculated an annual capacity of 3 million frames pr year. This is very promising for capacity and urban sustainable mobility in the coming seasons.


The Eurobike fair in Friedrichshafen in Germany is the leading global trade fair for the bike business. Here the bicycle industry networks and presents itself to the public. In addition, new trends are emerging and groundbreaking innovations celebrate their premiere. EUROBIKE is balancing the trade fair with a think tank.

Discover Buddy’s new way of designing and building electric bikes

Pictures: Buddy Bike
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