EpiShuttle fighting Corona – Recent News

EpiShuttle – an important tool fighting in the Coronavirus

“On Friday, a patient with coronavirus was transported by rescue helicopter to a hospital in Nordland. The EpiShuttle made it possible without risk of infecting personnel and crew on the helicopter. – Until now, we have generally had limited opportunity to protect the crew against the virus. A contagious patient onboard a rescue helicopter could have grounded an entire crew and put them in quarantine for 14 days, says Roy-Inge Nygaard-Jensen, head of the 330-squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Bodø.”

-TV2 news

The EpiShuttle has been featured in the Norwegian News frequently, and we have collected some recent articles:

NRK 27. mars 2020 “Leier inn Super Puma for å frakte koronapasienter”

VG TV 25. mars 2020 “Luftforsvaret med nytt corona-«våpen»”

Fredrikstad Blad 24. mars 2020 “330-skvadronen tar i bruk den Fredrikstad-utviklede kuvøsen EpiShuttle”

Dagbladet 23. mars 2020″- Verdens første”

Shifter 23. mars 2020 “EpiGuard kastet seg rundt for å leverenapasienter” smittevern-kuvøser til norske redningshelikoptre”

TV2 Nyheter 22. mars 2020 “Har hastekjøpt fem smittevern-kuvøser”

Shifter 13. mars 2020 “Dette selskapet jobber som helter i kampen mot viruset: Nå styrker de produksjonen kraftig for å levere nok isolasjonsbårer”

EpiGuard was established in 2015 by a group of doctors at the Oslo University Hospital, together with co-founders Inven2, Eker Group, and Hansen Protection. The first product was the EpiShuttle, designed and engineered by Eker Design in close cooperation with clinical experts with first-hand experience in providing treatment and transportation of patients with highly infectious diseases.

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