Bård Eker, through his company Eker Performance, has become the newest distributor of Ducati motorcycles. ”Motorcycles are actually where our interest in design, performance and speed began – and with Ducati, we have a trademark that’s close to our hearts and best suited to our existing product portfolio,” says Bård Eker.With Hydrolift and Koenigsegg serving as the cornerstone of Ekers’ great passions of design, technology and performance, Ducati motorcycles will be a “perfect match” to an already stellar lineup. Ducati has developed tremendously in the past few decades and now has a broad portfolio of appealing products that sell to consumers far beyond the racetrack. Eker Performance Center is located in Fredrikstad, where Hydrolift and Koenigsegg Norway have their location today. The performance center looks forward to showcasing all the different Ducati models. The big news this year is the all new Ducati DIAVEL, which according to Eker and Co., is an incredibly exciting motorcycle that appeals to a whole new audience.

”Our idea is to reinforce our philosophy of collective expertise and premium products so that our performance center can represent and deliver the most dynamic machines for land or sea – with and without a propeller – and on 2 or 4 wheels,” says Bård Eker.

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