The boat makes 15 knots, and the onboard charger of 3 kW ensures a fully charged battery for the next day.

This year the Eker companies were exhibiting as a group at the FSI Exhibition on 22-23 September for the first time. The event took place at Akershus Festning in Oslo, we were joined by 74 other member companies. Approximately 750 individuals were present, including active personnel from the armed forces, industry representatives, and governmental delegations from several nations. 

EDS was well represented, showcasing its portfolio from EpiGuard, Eker Performance, Eker Design, and Hydrolift Professional.

Eker Design´s COO Victor Rosenvinge had busy days meeting new contacts and building on existing relationships. Jon Andre Garberg, EDS´s VP of Defence & Security was also present and responsible for the fair. A well-spent time for improved understanding of the defense sector and presenting our services for future possibilities.

In parallel, EDS arranged a very successful side-event at Vippa Restaurant. At the docks, Hydrolift offered test drives with a range of vessels. The Hydrolift X-series was represented by the new Hydrolift X-32 together with X-27 SUV and X-26.

Read about our project developing the Hydrolift X-26 S and the expansion to Hydrolift X-27 SUV.

Finally, Eker Performance showcased Personal Watercraft and ATV, both from BRP. In addition, the 300hp CXO diesel outboard engine was displayed together with partner Erling Sande As.

Pictures: Hydrolift
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