The design gets more power—imagine a four-cylinder getting 250 horsepower, sans turbo—and greater fuel economy out of otherwise standard engines.”

“One of the most devastating road cars ever built.
It detonates like a 3,000lb bomb, but the Agera is much more sophisticated than
its fission-spec powertrain suggests.” – TopGear

This years creation from Koenigsegg is a tribute to the Speed Racer Cartoon with a great history of racing and design – endurance and honesty.

Eight students studying industrial design on the 3. year at Østfold University College, has developed a new car to race in the Shell Eco Marathon.

Eker Design have been responsible of developing the new static model NLV Quant. NLV Solar AG, a Swiss company active in the field of Photovoltaic cells and revolutionary electrical energy storage accumulators, commissioned Koenigsegg, the Swedish Supercar company, to design …

We cover the complete process from sketches, Class A surface modelling, CNC programming, model platform build, CNC machining, Finishing and painting, detailing and assembling. All done in a handful of weeks.

Recently the renowned international car magazine EVO dropped in for a tour of our premises.

God for milliarden: Bård Eker står i dag bak et milliardkonsern basert på fart og design.

Eker Design has teamed up with swedish Koenigsegg Automotive AB and is now delivering design, development and engineering services.

Bård Eker has not grown sick of projectors and boats. He just wants to design cars as well, soulful as such. Koenigsegg is the first customer

The performance of the car is staggering, as shown on the famous BBC program, Top Gear, where the CCX took the lap record ahead of the traditional, more famous supercar competition.

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