The new pleasure variant of X-42 will be offered with Mercury V12 Outboard Engines for a powerful and joyful ride.

When designing and engineering the new Hydrolift X-32 it should be as much fun to be in when you arrive at the anchorage, as it is getting there.

See how we designed the Hydolift X-27 including design concepts, simulation, and CNC machining.

night we were honored with the The DOGA Award, for the design and development of EpiShuttle for EpiGuard and the Hydrolift Professional P-42 project.

The first of the ten rescue vessels of the new Staff class was today baptized at Hankø Marina.

Hundreds of visitors came to Hankø and celebrated together with donator Einar Staff.

Here is a video showing the milling process of the upcoming Hydrolift X—22 rear end in Eker Designs Zimmermann CNC Machine Center.

We congratulate Redningsselskapet with the successful launch of “redningsskøyta Elias”, and we are proud of what we have achieved together! We do wish all these Elias vessels a safe journey! Ship Ohoi

The world’s largest message-in-a-bottle will be released to the ocean currents outside of Tenerife on March 13th. We do wish this wessel a happy journey! Ship Ohoi

OSLO: Eker Design/Hydrolift and their Hydrolift SX-22, is this time compeeting against one bank, one offshore supplier and one IKT-company for the Honory Award

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