Eker Design

Alle som ville fikk komme på den aller første workshopen hos Eker Werks på Skøyen, som denne gangen omhandlet patenter. På talerstolen stod representanter fra Patentstyret, FONIP og Eker Design.

Vi utvider vårt “powerhouse” og søker Senior Product Developer!

Vi utvider vårt “powerhouse” og søker Fartøy Konstruktør/Naval Architect!

Vi utvider vårt “powerhouse” og søker Electronics engineer – Product developer

For Datek, it was important to design a smart home that would be accessible- and appeal to everyone, not just technologists and other early adopters.

Eker Express åpner nå for start-ups i 2022

After a period of strategic work and development, we are now very happy to finally be able to show more of our new and updated visual identity which includes a new logo, colors, typography, image style, layout and much much more.

We are pleased to see that the products we are helping to develop get the spotlight after a period of development. Safeback gives the public a glimpse of the new avalanche safety equipment Safeback SBX.

Eker Design is participating in the competition to design a high-speed vessel for future transport.

On September 22nd, we signed a framework agreement with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment – FFI.

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