Understanding the drivers, demands, and restraints of the product is crucial to being able to run an efficient development process.


Our process model fits for small start-ups or large enterprises and is adapted to fit every project.


The pre-project phase focuses on gathering and producing data that will be a solid framework for decision-making for our client and our project team. By identifying critical factors that will have an impact on complexity and time, we ensure that the path we choose gives us the fastest time to market. Defining the basic product specification, unique selling point (USP), legal requirements, cost analysis, market price, volume aspects, and business opportunities create a framework for the client’s decision-making process.


A good understanding of the market, the consumers, and the users are critical for a successful product over time. Adding a good overview of competing products solving the same problems is critical. A second opinion is almost always valuable. This phase is with investing in making a good and well-understood project description.


Thorough user research is the most important start of a successful project. In this phase, we focus on understanding user behaviors, their needs, and motivations. We usually analyze through observation techniques, but we also use other feedback methodologies. 

User research developing Søve Playground Equipment
On-site, practical user study developing Søve educational playground equipment

In our work for Søve, the user study was critical for the chosen design.
Read more about our development of Søve educational playground equipment.


Competitor analysis gives an overview of the market situation, the product offers, and possible substitutes available to solve a specific problem. We collect competitor pricing, product features, look into their distribution, and consumer reviews. We use a SWOT analysis to visualize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

In many projects, we do physical product evaluations of the most relevant competitor products to understand technology, quality, and material use.

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