The New Stokke Xplory v3

The new Xplory stroller is a result of close co-operation between Eker Design and Stokke AS, where the two company’s unique knowledge within plastic materials and fabrics has been innovatively utilized. By combining this knowledge we have been able to exploit the advantages of the materials and design seamless transitions without compromising the lean production process. The complete stroller was designed with the use of our Catia 3D CAD software. Eker Design has been involved in the whole process from the concept design, construction, tooling, testing, homologation to the mass production.With focus on details, quality feel, quality control, improvement on child ergonomic and user-friendliness we have once again raised the level of premium strollers in the world. With the positive result from the pre-market tests we at Eker Design hope Stokke will continue to increase their sales numbers on the Xplory stroller worldwide.


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