Redningsskøyta Elias

Eker Design and Hydrolift, both companies inside Eker Group are proud to announce that the entire development of “redningsskøyta Elias” has taken place inside our company group. The “Redningsskøyta Elias” is based on the popular animated figure and 3D modelled at Eker Design targeting children for fun and educational purposes. The epoxy plugs were materialized in our large scale CNC milling machine. Later these milled units formed the base for the fiberglass moulds at Hydrolift in order to create the final skin. All fiberglass parts and equipment assemblies were finalized at the Hydrolift production site.

We congratulate Redningsselskapet with the successful launch of “redningsskøyta Elias”, and we are proud of what we have achieved together! We do wish all these Elias vessels a safe journey! Ship Ohoi

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