NLV Quant Solar Electric Propulsion

Eker Design have been responsible of developing the new static model NLV Quant. NLV Solar AG, a Swiss company active in the field of Photovoltaic cells and revolutionary electrical energy storage accumulators, commissioned Koenigsegg, the Swedish Supercar company, to design and engineer a 4-seater electric car, incorporating NLVĀ“s core technologies. A natural step for Koenigsegg was to turn to Eker Design when the time came to create a full scale mock-up car with class-A surfacing. In very short time, 6 weeks, Eker Design has again proven its capabilities to work efficiently under time pressure and managed to deliver to Koenigsegg the pristine model just in time for the Geneva motor show.

The Quant project gave us the chance to utilize and showcase our expertise when it comes to class-A surfacing and full scale modeling. We are now ready and keen to be a part of the next steps in the exiting Quant program, that sets out to change personal transport in a big way.

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