Mascot Smartcharger

Eker Design has together with the electrical experts at the Mascot development team, designed and developed the new Smartcharger! By combining smart design with high quality electronics, the product is both userfriendly, resistant to all weather conditions, and have a smart and rough design at the same time. The product is now out in the market, available for you to charge your devices. Mascot`s new charger is designed for all types of Lead Acid batteries; GEL, AGM, WET and SLA. It is both dust and waterproof (IP65) and delivered with a LED flash in a practical briefcase.

This portable charger is short circuit proof and protected against reversed polarity. There is also a memory function for last used charge program and you have the possibility to select mode for battery size, type, recondition and power supply. The charger includes temperature compensated charge voltage, with external temperature in addition to a 6 step charge control with microprocessor.

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