Jøtul CUBE by Eker Design

Eker Design proudly presents CUBE, a new designed and developed product for Jøtul. The goal was to make a new product for the existing Jøtul burn chambers. A new product that would improve the efficiency and widen the usability of the existing burn chambers.

  • We solved the construction introducing a new way of building your own fireplace using sheetmetal as the main construction elements. The assembly of the units are very easy and timesaving compared to the existing solutions for these burn chambers.
  • We solved the heat efficiency by transporting the heated air through the sheetmetal base.
  • We solved the combustible wall distance by using the sheetmetal base as a radiation shield.
  • We solved the design through a thoroughly study of material and design. By the right dimensional proportions, and by using new materials and combinations in a sensible way we have created a product which will fit into most interiors. At the same time we are enabling the customers to change the design by easy change the panels around the sheetmetal base.
  • We solved the product itself by giving the customers the opportunity to change the apperance, as we know that the biggest trend of all is the trend of changing!

The total time to mount the complete fireplace is 30 minutes, and changing the design is done in less than half the time.

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