Honorable Design Exellence Award to Eker Design for Mini Post Van Paxster

The Honorable Design Excellence Award is the most prestigious award for design in Norway. Only one product receives the award annually, and it is given to the designer and producer as a team. The Norwegian Design Council requires specifically high degree of innovation and creativity, as well as excellent design work from the receivers of this award.

We are really enthusiastic about the award, – Automotive design is definitely always fuelling the spirits with our designers, says Bård Eker, owner and CEO of Eker Design.

Loyds Paxster has a series of innovative functions and solutions. It has a clear identity, with a robust and playful feel. The big wheels make the Paxster very functional for the job and the drivability is great. Ingress and egress is easy, and the mail is safely protected against the weather.

Loyds were very open towards our design proposals. We focused on achieving a functional expression that enabled all the great ergonomic solutions from Loyds´ engineering team. Additionally, we aimed for shapes and curvatures that enabled easily vacuum molded body panels.

I think we have created a robust yet playful expression on the Paxster, says Josef Tangen, design responsible for the Paxster development at Eker Design.

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