Passion powers Progress

Eker Group wanted to reposition and unite the Eker Group companies. As part of this work, we have rebranded the Eker companies and created a common tone of voice across the platforms.

After a period of strategic work and development, we are now very happy to finally be able to show more of our new and updated visual identity which includes a new logo, colors, typography, image style, layout and much much more.

In the video you see some of the essential parts that ultimately make up our new brand ID. The visual identity unites all the group’s sister companies, all of which have a future-oriented mindset and high energy, but not least as a trusted partner with a broad field of application.

We are expanding and it was time for all our companies to use more or less the same visual language – and we all share the same principle: Passion powers Progress.


At the core we at EKER are powered by the progress in the industrial design solutions. We have passion for quality and problem solving.

We wanted our logo to reflect our thorough design process and it serves as a seal of quality for our solutions. «This is Eker made».

During the work, among other, new websites have been produced for Eker Performance, EpiGuard, Hydrolift, Hyke, Eker Design, and Eker Group.

It’s the challenge that triggers us. There’s great pleasure in knowing the complexity of a job, and then presenting it in a functional Scandinavian design style. We love to get our hands dirty!
– Bård Eker

The work with the new Brand ID has been done in collaboration with ANTI.

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