Bocuse d´Or Gold Medalist with Eker Design at the table

The Norwegian chef Ørjan Johannessen was March 21 elected gold medal winner of the prestigious Bocuse d’ Or Europe 2012. His gold-winning presentations has been designed in close relation with Eker Design.

The last months Eker Design has worked round the clock with chef Ørjan and his coach Odd Ivar Solvold to create the overall aesthetics of the fish and meat platters, including all its small pedestals, silver stools and stems. With dishes and designs in continuous development from start to end, the project has been an exciting journey that has proven how enthusiasm and competence together create remarkable results.

With the European gold medal safely in his pocket, Ørjan can now start preparing for the final goal of Bocuse d´Or World Cooking Contest in Lyon in 2013.

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