Award for Design Excellence

The Honorable Design Excellence Award is the most prestigious award for design in Norway. Only one product receives the award annually, and it is given to the designer and producer as a team. For the second year in a row Eker Design and customers are winning this prestigious award. The Norwegian Design Council requires specifically high degree of innovation and creativity, as well as excellent design work from the receivers.

New environmental regulations made Øveraasen building a new engine for their high performance snow removal Equipment series. The story could have ended here, but instead the traditional manufacturer decided to develop the future snowploughs with Eker Design! The new Øveraasen Performance Line combines form and function to the very limit, and shoveled the competition off the field!

It does not rust, pollutes less and are far easier to maintain than similar machines. We are really enthusiastic, and we congratulate Øveraasen with the award!

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