FLAX FOR Norsk Tipping


Lotteries are a popular activity for many, and in Norway, they generate annual sales of approximately 40 billion NOK. For decades, lottery tickets have been purchased over the counter in stores, but what might the future look like for selling such games, especially in an era where self-service is becoming increasingly common?

Insights and Research

Insights and research have been crucial in addressing the challenges associated with a self-service lottery solution in stores.

With today’s frequent changes in store formats, where customers are increasingly expected to be self-sufficient, it was critical to form a picture of the user group and their experiences with buying and selling lottery tickets. This also included how they relate to newer and more modern checkout solutions.

Concept Development

During the concept development phase, the cylinder was used as a basic form. Various concepts and features were tested to meet the technical requirements of a finished solution.

The final solution combines two directions where the cylinder shape is well represented, with a small spout that clearly defines the interaction point for users.

The combination of form and material ensures good visibility of the type of lottery tickets the dispenser contains, making it easy for customers to choose the right ticket.


The project has been based on close collaboration between Make Studio, Eker Design and Norsk Tipping.

Eker Design has led the design process from A to Z; from the first sketch to the finished product, ready for mass production.

This process has included insight work, design and development, testing and iteration, as well as Design for Manufacturing (DFM). Through knowledge sharing and informative workshops, we have together created a targeted and creative process, with an end result that is now being implemented in stores across Norway.

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