For Datek, it was important to design a smart home that would be accessible- and appeal to everyone, not just technologists and other early adopters.

Making an impact in the jungle of kitchen aid machines require something out of the ordinary. We wanted to let the design be based on deep professional knowledge about the art of baking, with the goal to improve and make baking easier for everyone with a professional result.

Designing an educational playground and equipment based on a thorough user study. Project for Søve with Matematikkbølgen.

Providing external design, internal optimal working conditions and a robust construction and cooling funcion for the new Zivid Two 3D camera.

Developing a strong brand identity, graphic design, tone of voice and website for EpiGuard and EpiShuttle.

Meeting nye consumer demands by re-designing end engineering Topro Troja and Olympos rollators rollators.

See how we designed the Hydolift X-27 including design concepts, simulation, and CNC machining.

Based on a handmade scale model by the Artist Martin Puryear, Johansen Monumenthuggeri was given the task of producing a massive 130 ton, 7.5-meter tall sculpture out of Iddefjord granite.

We are honored to have contributed to the art Installation Roseslottet constructing the gigantic White Rose and the Rose Portal

Petter Northug is world-renowned for his explosive and great cross-country skiing. Northug in collaboration with Brand Assist teamed up with Eker Design to design the Northug Multisport Eyewear.

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