Oivi Retinal Camera

After years of research and development, we’re introducing Hyke Sense PRO, a versatile system with a wide range of possibilities for current and future customers

Introducing a new visual identity and website for Nordic Kingfish, tailored specifically for the high-end restaurant market. The land-based aquaculture company delivers premium Yellowtail kingfish for restaurants pursuing perfection.

At the heart of a groundbreaking solution to one of the winter mountains’ greatest dangers, avalanches, lies a fruitful collaboration between Eker Design and the Safeback team. Together, we have developed Safeback SBX, an innovative rescue gear designed to increase survival chances for individuals trapped under snow.

Hydrolift P45 RS 175 «Wilhelm Wilhelmsen» is a new SAR model developed in a close collaboration between Eker Design, Hydrolift, Hyke and the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, financed by the Wilhelmsen Foundation.

Vi ønsket å designe et uttrykk som ville være med å bevare Evoy identiteten, og samtidig gi produktet en formgiving som uttrykker kraft, muskler og fart.

Markedsleder innenfor vannfrie forbrenningstoaletter i Norge, Cinderella, feiret i 2022 et 25 år langt bærekraftig eventyr, med norsk innovasjon og design. Bursdagen markerte de ved å utvikle sitt hittil mest innovative forbrenningstoalett hos Eker Design.

For Datek, it was important to design a smart home that would be accessible- and appeal to everyone, not just technologists and other early adopters.

Making an impact in the jungle of kitchen aid machines require something out of the ordinary. We wanted to let the design be based on deep professional knowledge about the art of baking, with the goal to improve and make baking easier for everyone with a professional result.

Designing an educational playground and equipment based on a thorough user study. Project for Søve with Matematikkbølgen.

Providing external design, internal optimal working conditions and a robust construction and cooling funcion for the new Zivid Two 3D camera.

Developing a strong brand identity, graphic design, tone of voice and website for EpiGuard and EpiShuttle.

Meeting nye consumer demands by re-designing end engineering Topro Troja and Olympos rollators rollators.

See how we designed the Hydolift X-27 including design concepts, simulation, and CNC machining.

Based on a handmade scale model by the Artist Martin Puryear, Johansen Monumenthuggeri was given the task of producing a massive 130 ton, 7.5-meter tall sculpture out of Iddefjord granite.

We are honored to have contributed to the art Installation Roseslottet constructing the gigantic White Rose and the Rose Portal

Petter Northug is world-renowned for his explosive and great cross-country skiing. Northug in collaboration with Brand Assist teamed up with Eker Design to design the Northug Multisport Eyewear.

Based on market analysis and user insights Eker Design and Omexom designed and developed the magnet rail from concept to industrialization.

The Stokke® Clikk™ High Chair is sold in a turnkey package including chair, tray and harness. It is travel-friendly and assembles in 1 minute, tool-free.

The human interaction is face to face, and for their second generation robot “Eve”, Eker was given the brief of designing and engineering both the head and digital face.

Eker Design together with Saab Defence reworked the body and chassis of the antenna to make use of composites possible. The composite exterior gives the obvious advantage of design freedom over sheet metal counterparts.

Redefining the rollator category by offering a lightweight elegant, and functional carbon rollator.

Buddy Mobility PR-1 is an autonomous vehicle providing sustainable, reliable and flexible transportation services in urban areas.

With the Nexans SUTA-Flex project, Eker Design and Nexans investigated the possibilities of using glass fiber composite in subsea components.

The Tiger DCz and BRz is the second model in the Z-series from Silver and is designed by Eker Design.

First with the new Q-reel and now we are excited to present a series of Loop tackleboxes.

As a turnkey design supplier, we have also supported VitalThings with product brand building, graphic design, marketing material, 3D renders, and animation for Somnofy.

In close cooperation with Loop Tackle AB, Eker Design has designed and developed their new Q-reel series.

Hydrolift P-42 is a semi-closed vessel for search and rescue (SAR) that provides a closed driver environment and an open aft with connection points strategically positioned for crew and personnel safety.

Evolved from user needs – A leisure boat for the modern boat user

Award-winning design, developed with direct input and guidance from clinical experts, medics, and patients.

Actiweight Labs approached Eker Design with a concept tested by one of Norway’s leading sports institutions. The Actigrip showed remarkable results.

The MOB+ Wireless Man Overboard System replaces the physical lanyard kill switch with a safe and robust wireless connection and set the standard for safety at sea.

The new Xplory stroller is a result of close co-operation between Eker Design and Stokke AS, where the two company’s unique knowledge of plastic materials and fabrics has been innovatively utilized.

New environmental regulations made Øveraasen build a new engine for their high-performance snow removal Equipment series.

Developing the Zivid 3D camera from sketch to final product for a demanding market has been a challenge we really have enjoyed.

Eker Design has in collaboration with Anders Tomren at Electric Friends designed the mechanics of the Tower unit.

Fieldmade create innovative solutions to complex problems based on cutting-edge AM technology and software solutions in addition to impeccable mechanical design and efficient low-cost production techniques.

We focused on achieving a functional expression that enabled all the great ergonomic solutions from Loyds´ engineering team. Additionally, we aimed for shapes and curvatures that enabled easily vacuum molded body panels. 

The expression is both futuristic and retro at the same time, and with the choice of vibrant colors with contrasting polished aluminum, the expression can be quite forceful – or playful – depending on the combination.

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