The Heatweed MiD 3.0 – redesigned

We are proud to present the upgraded version of Heatweed’s bestseller.

Heatweed is a market leading technology-based company from Norway with operations in 15 different European countries. Reducing unwanted weed and invasive species without the use of herbicides or other chemicals is indeed an important contribution to saving the global environment as well as offering the lowest m2-cost to municipalities, contractors and other customer groups.

Eker Design has, in collaboration with Heatweed, developed the new Mid 3.0 with new technology to ensure even better performance, efficiency, ergonomically benefits and operations. We have created a new design line, and a new DNA to state the Heatweed brand and market position for the new Heatweed product portfolio. We have also taken the opportunity to work on the branding and visual communication to ensure that the Heatweed identity and DNA are incorporated and thus strengthening the company’s communications.