Hydrolift Green Saver rendering

The world’s most sustainable Search and Rescue vessel

Thanks to the cooperation between The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (Redningsselskapet), the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation, and our sister company Hydrolift, we are starting the journey of transforming our design from concept to the world’s most sustainable and smart SAR vessel. The work of creating  Green Saver, the world’s greenest and most advanced search and rescue vessel, has begun. 

Wilhelmsen and Redningsselskap will collaborate on the development of “Green Saver”, and Hydrolift has been commissioned to build the rescue boat. 

The boat will be powered by hydrogen. It will also use new technology for safer and more effective operations including autonomy, sensor fusion, and computer vision.

Teknisk Ukeblad (article in norweian): Green Saver skal redde liv på sjøen med elektrisk framdrift og kunstig intelligent


See our animation of Green Saver Smart Vessel: 



Rendering and animation: Eker Design

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