Launch of Stokke Crusi and Stokke Scoot

Eker Design are proud to present the new connection strollers from Stokke AS; Stokke Crusi and Stokke Scoot.


These unique strollers are the results of close co-operation between Stokke, Eker Design and preferred suppliers. The companies unique experience and knowledge of marketing, industrial design and engineering has been utilized to create these strollers in the best interest of the child. As for previous Stokke projects we have worked hard for seamless integration of soft and hard material to obtain a soft / appealing aesthetic and at the same time have focus on function and cost. For the multi-talented connection stroller Stokke Crusi, Eker Design has been involved all the way from the preproject, through the design and concept phase, and over to the mass production.
For the compact connection stroller Stokke Scoot, Eker design was involved from the preproject, concept phase to a fully functional model with all mechanical principles.


With the positive signals from the pre-market tests we at Eker Design expect that Stokke will succeed as the premium connection stroller company and continue their innovative work for the most important in our world; our children!