Ørjan`s platters for Bocuse d`Or

Feb 05, 2013

Since August 2012 the Eker Design Team Ørjan have worked together to create Ørjan`s platters and forms for the Bocuse d` Or World Championship in Lyon 2013. As for the Euopean Championship – this year`s collaboration has been an exciting and intriguing journey, side by side with one of the worlds best chefs. The focal point has been the meat platter, created around the idea of 12 leafs – one for each judge – with a raised centerpiece. The premium craftsmanship from Norway´s oldest silversmith company Theodor Olsen eftf. ensured that every detail in the design was taken care of. With an incredible focus on detail Ørjan is an unusual client to work with. We congratulate him with a great result in Lyon!