Fieldmade create innovative solutions to complex problems based on cutting-edge AM technology and software solutions in addition to impeccable mechanical design and efficient low-cost production techniques.

The new Xplory stroller is a result of close co-operation between Eker Design and Stokke AS, where the two company’s unique knowledge of plastic materials and fabrics has been innovatively utilized.

We focused on achieving a functional expression that enabled all the great ergonomic solutions from Loyds´ engineering team. Additionally, we aimed for shapes and curvatures that enabled easily vacuum molded body panels. 

The expression is both futuristic and retro at the same time, and with the choice of vibrant colors with contrasting polished aluminum, the expression can be quite forceful – or playful – depending on the combination.

It all started with 22 acoustic woodboxes from audio entrepreneur Tom Austad, created by engineers from acoustic Tandberg.

Eker Design has been working closely with the startup firm CurbEater. The two brothers approached us at an early stage with a desire to develop their products, as well as brand design and corporate identity.

The BioMKR is a wearable medical device that continuously monitor the users blood glucose.

Eker Design has provided SAAB with visuals for marketing purposes. These examples are just some of the images we have created for Business Area Kockums and Business Area Surveillance.

For Aesthesis, Eker Design has played an important part in developing the High-End loudspeaker; Aesthesis Gramophone.

A 100% environmentally friendly wheelchair in thermoplastics, saving 60% production cost.

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