Eker Design has teamed up with swedish Koenigsegg Automotive AB and is now delivering design, development and engineering services.

Bård Eker Industrial Design was chosen to create the design for this years Tall ships race that visited Fredrikstad at the beginning of August.

Bård Eker has not grown sick of projectors and boats. He just wants to design cars as well, soulful as such. Koenigsegg is the first customer

Winning the UIM Class-1 Offshore World Championships enabled the Hydrolift team to reach yet another milestone in maritime performance. Racing is at the heart of our creation process, where the limits are pushed to the edge.

We have lately expanded our machinery equipment, and have available capacity on CMM scanning centre for scanning of larger to small products, the CNC Milling machines for milling of all sized products.

Brende met with Bård Eker and Hydrolift in connection with their cooperation with Nortrade…

The performance of the car is staggering, as shown on the famous BBC program, Top Gear, where the CCX took the lap record ahead of the traditional, more famous supercar competition.

Eligo er en elektrisk rullestol med gode kjøreegenskaper, enkelt operatør display og et tiltalende design.

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