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Bård Eker – CEO

Mobile:   +47 90 69 11 94
E-mail:    bard@eker.no


Product design is a major part of the development process to ensure that the product will be a success. The right design is not only the visual appearance. The right design is the result of a successful process, making the right decisions on the mechanical component design, the visual design as well as all the other factors driving the design in one direction. To be able to have a successful process it must be controlled on a day to day basis with wide know-how and a bunch of experience.
Lean product development with Design For Manufacturing is a major part of our design philosophy and a great provider of the process of developing a successful product. By designing the complete product and controlling the project, we are able to cut cost in the process and in production.

Focusing on process, time, simplicity, product performance, cost, user integration and high margin effort, we have the opportunity to create successful products with high market impact.
Our experience on different product categories, from mobile accessories, and high end projectors on one hand, – to supercars, motorcycles, and high performance marine products on the second hand, – to wheel chairs and children trolleys on the third – we have a wide and deep experience which able us to develop any kind of product in the future.

By challenging all restrains, legal requirements and cost driven parameters, guiding the project team members precisely through the development process – our previous results has given us the experience it takes to compete in most market segments.

It is our mission to make our design support our customer`s business goals.

• Prolong the lifetime of a product line.
• Increase revenue in existing customer base by developing new products or services.
• Product modifications to reach new markets with existing base product line.
• Persue increased margins through design for manufacturing and component sourcing.
• Reduce time to market.


Focusing on Quality.

By always prioritising quality first, in combination with meeting the time window at the acceptable cost, we ensure a product with long and hazzle-free life time for the end user and the suppliers.

By incorporating the product specification with time to market and cost we always seek the best possible solutions with the best possible interface between performance and total cost of ownership.

Raymond Hissingby

Senior Engineer Mechanics,

Quality Manager

Mobile:   +47 99 51 49 09
E-mail:   raymond@eker.no

Katinka von der Lippe 

Lead Design

Mobile:   +47 91 37 21 72

E-mail:    katinka@eker.no

Victor Rosenvinge

Lead Engineering

Senior Program Manager

Mobile:   +47 95 70 31 51
E-mail:    victor@eker.no

Morten Akre

Senior Program Manager

Mobile:   +47 941 57 51 71
E-mail:    morten@eker.no

Hanne Haukeland


Mobile:   +47 97 11 57 22
E-mail:    hanne@eker.no

Johan Weider


Mobile:   +47 48 08 16 18
E-mail:    johan@eker.no

Siv Bjørnstad


Mobile:   +47 91 77 45 19
E-mail:    siv@eker.no